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Michigan real estate rebates: Use AmeriSell Realty to buy your next home and we'll give you half of our commission back at closing!

Example: $300,000 home, buyers agent fee = 3% or $9,000, we rebate half or $4,500 at closing!


  1. Sign a "Buyers Agency" form. (This form lets the listing agent know you are working with us!
  2. Get pre approved for your next home. Realtors may think they're wasting their time with you unless you are pre approved.
  3. As you search for homes via local web sites and, call us and we can get more specific information on any listing which will help you later on if you make an offer.
  4. Let the listing agent know that you already have an agent representing you.
  5. Make the offer through us. We will go over the entire offer with you. Call us to go over the property and your goals.
  6. Receive our commission rebate at closing! You can use the rebate as part of your down payment or to help pay for closing costs!



With our expertise we will guide you through the entire home buying process. Your buyer, real estate rebate will be on your closing statement. It can be used as a credit toward the price of your home or against closing costs.

How to earn buyer real estate rebate at closing!

  1. You must have a Notice of Transaction Coordinator signed and should have it with you at all times when viewing homes. This way the listing agent of the home you're viewing knows that you have an agent.
  2. You need a "Pre approval letter" from your lender. This way when an agent takes the time to show you a home, they know for sure you have the ability to buy that home. AGENTS WON'T WANT TO WASTE TIME SHOWING HOMES UNLESS THEY KNOW FOR SURE YOU ARE FORMALLY APPROVED!
  3. CASH AT CLOSING! Your real estate rebate MUST appear on your closing statement. If it doesn't show on the closing statement it is illegal. Keep in mind that some lenders may have issues with rebates as it contributes toward your down payment. Check with your lender to be sure.

Step #1: Getting pre approved: We can refer you to a few mortgage companies that we've found to have competitive rates or you can get pre approved on your own.

  • When you're ready to make an offer, a pre approval lends credibility and is almost a requirement from listing agents. Most offers won't be presented unless the offer has a pre approval with it.
  • Since an AmeriSell Realty agent doesn't accompany you on a showing (the listing agent does), it is important that the listing agent knows you are a very well qualified buyer.

Step # 2: Signing a buyers agency contract with AmeriSell Realty: The "Buyers agency" contract is a contract between you the buyer and AmeriSell Realty. This contract does the following: Download the form here. NOTE: you can cancel anytime, there is no obligation.

  • Ensures that you are working with us at AmeriSell and we are your buyers agent for all real estate rebate purchases for a certain time period.
  • Let's all other agents know that you are working with us and that you will not become a prospect of or a client of the listing agent or any other agent.
  • Ensures you will get your real estate rebate AT CLOSING!

The buyers agent contract is central to our real estate rebate system. If we don't' have one and you don't show it to and let other agents know IMMEDIATELY if you speak with them then other agents will think you may be their prospect and that you could work with them!

Step #3: Finding the home you wish to buy: You're probably already searching through or other methods. Our MLS link here will provide you with a potentially more accurate database though. The link will direct you to most of the MLS's in Michigan. CLICK HERE TO SEARCH STATEWIDE MLS'S.

Step #4: Making the offer: When you're ready to make an offer call us. We will use our years of expertise to fill in the offer for you and email it to you for your signatures. Just sign, date and get it back to us and we will present it to the listing agent for you.

Since we are working for you and representing you, we are there to assist you with getting your home for the best possible price and terms. Although the seller pays the commission, we represent you! You may call the office to discuss the property and terms or fill out the offer form and email it to us. We will then contact you and go over the offer specifics.


Here's the buyer's agency form to get started! click here.



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